Two suicides due to the deteriorating economic conditions in Lebanon

I am not an infidel, but hunger is an infidel

Jul 4, 2020 - 17:32
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Two suicides due to the deteriorating economic conditions in Lebanon
I am not an infidel, but hunger is an infidel

Lebanon is witnessing an accelerated economic meltdown that is considered the worst in the country in decades, the repercussions of which are not excluded by any social class. It is associated with a liquidity crisis and a tightening dollar. Banks stopped months ago from supplying depositors with dollars from their accounts.

As a result, tens of thousands of Lebanese have lost their jobs or part of their salaries during the past few months. Almost half of the Lebanese people live below the poverty line, while 35 percent of the workforce suffers from unemployment.

"I am not an infidel, but hunger is an infidel," a phrase written on his chest by the Lebanese citizen Ali Muhammad Al-Haq with a certificate of justice no crime read by everyone who passed by his body on the Al-Hamra Street in Beirut. Albinism had shot himself in broad daylight in front of passers-by, after financial hardship and failure to provide basic needs, in a reflection of Lebanon's economic crisis. The security services began an investigation into the circumstances of this incident, where it became clear from the initial investigation that the suicide was suffering under the burden of financial debts, after returning from the Gulf Countries.

This was not the only suicide incident witnessed in Lebanon, as the police found the body of the Lebanese citizen Samer Habli, hanged in his house in the Wadi al-Zeina area near the city of Sidon in southern Lebanon. It is learned that the deceased was suffering from financial hardship recently, married with a daughter and working as a public bus driver.

For weeks, the authorities have been holding back-to-back meetings with the International Monetary Fund, hoping for more than $ 20 billion in support, but no progress has been made yet. The current government is facing increasing pressure to fail to take any practical reform steps.








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