The kid who made the most revenue on YouTube

$22 million in revenue for the highest-paid YouTuber

Mar 18, 2020 - 05:27
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The kid who made the most revenue on YouTube
The highest-paid YouTuber

You may be surprised when you read the title, but it is definitely the truth, as this child, who has not exceeded seven years of age, managed to achieve the highest profits from the YouTube platform in 2018, according to the Forbes report. he has more than 21 million subscribers and the total video views reached more than 31 billion views

What does he offer?

he is a toy reviewer on the market and new games and how to use them under the supervision of his family, of course, which also prompted many game companies to contract him to showcase their games, and certainly he does not know exactly how much he has achieved from these contracts, but the best known is profits From YouTube.

But this calls for surprise and perplexity in order for a child to outperform the experienced people and companies and reap these profits easily. Is this because of the frequent follow-up of children on YouTube or the parents ’passion for children's games ?!

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