Profit Prediction & Simulation Marketing Tool by GERU

The Fastest, Easiest, Most Beautiful Marketing Funnel Mapper Software. Big sale one-time fee.

Jul 1, 2020 - 11:45
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A Funnel Simulator lets you quickly model & simulate the potential profit of any sales or marketing funnel or business idea BEFORE you create landing pages or buy traffic - which saves you time & money.

GERU, the world’s FIRST Funnel Simulator, takes the guesswork out of planning profit-optimized funnels & helps avoid costly marketing mistakes so you can grow your business as fast as possible.

Who Should Be Using GERU Today?

  • InfoProduct Marketers.
  • Affiliate Marketers.
  • Local Business Owners.
  • Social Media Influencers.
  • E-Commerce Sellers.
  • Coaches/Consultants.
  • Freelance Professionals.
  • Lead Gen Marketers.
  • Marketing Agencies.
  • Webinar Promoters.
  • Software/SAAS.
  • And Many More!

GERU is great for NEW marketers & entrepreneurs. Create a simulated model of the products you are thinking about selling before setting up a single web page or spending a dollar on traffic. Get a handle on how all the numbers & marketing pieces will work.

GERU is the perfect tool to help you optimize & scale your results. Plan new expansions to your funnel, as well as analyze “What If?” scenarios such as a change in product prices, offers, conversions, traffic costs, or other modifications to your business — and SEE how those variables can affect your Revenue, Profit, and other metrics.


  • Product Launches
  • Webinar Campaigns
  • Membership Sites
  • Product Funnels
  • InfoProducts
  • Conversion Rates
  • ChatBots
  • SMS Marketing
  • Recurring Revenue
  • Email List Building
  • Google AdWords
  • Inbound/Outbound Calls
  • Product Pricing
  • One-Time Offers
  • Refund Rates
  • Merchant Fees
  • Upsell Paths
  • Cart Abandonment
  • Remarketing Ads
  • Downsells
  • Continuity Program
  • Time Scarcity
  • Squeeze Pages
  • Content Marketing
  • Coaching Programs
  • Facebook Ads
  • eCommerce Products
  • Social Media Content
  • Payment Plans
  • Lead Funnels
  • Software Products
  • Business Expenses
  • Traffic Costs
  • YouTube Ads
  • Agency Business
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Joint Ventures
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Book Campaigns
  • Stick Rates
  • Ad Budgeting
  • Salary Expenses
  • Autoresponders
  • Strategy Calls
  • Traffic Scaling
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Survey Funnels
  • And Much More!

The Fastest, Easiest, Most Beautiful Marketing Funnel Mapper Software. Big sale one-time fee.








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