PALLADIO - Asturia Quartet

Asturia Quartet is a talented and creative group of young musicians from Ukraine.

May 13, 2023 - 22:35
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The Asturia Quartet is a group of talented and creative young women from Ukraine who are dedicated to creating new art and adding beauty to the world. With their rising stardom, Asturia has garnered admiration and applause globally.

Combining the voices of modern electronic musical instruments, stunning costumes, and the expressive talents of the artists, Asturia's performances are transformed into breathtaking shows. Their unique musical arrangements breathe new life into famous compositions, creating an original and captivating sound.

The members of the Asturia Quartet are highly skilled musicians with formal training from the prestigious Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine. They have won state competitions for violinists and cellists and possess experience in solo and chamber performances. However, these classically trained musicians ventured into the realm of electronic instruments, infusing their music with a fresh perspective that has won the hearts of countless listeners. Thus, the Asturia SHOW was born.

The name "ASTURIA" is inspired by the works of renowned Spanish composer Isaac Albeniz. His composition "Asturia" serves as the quartet's signature piece, blending Spanish flavor and visually complementing the artists. More importantly, it embodies their passion, temperament, expression, emotions, powerful energy, and the interplay of contrasts. These qualities are paramount in their pursuit of new interpretations, transcending styles and trends, and delivering profound emotions to their audience.

The Asturia Quartet has achieved notable milestones in their career. They have collaborated with renowned Ukrainian stars, including the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 winner, Jamalá, and performed for legendary artist Montserrat Caballe. Their artistry has graced prestigious events such as the Caftan du Maroc Fashion Show and Blizzard Entertainment, and they have participated in the 17th Daejeon Cosmopolitan Music Festival in South Korea. They have also performed at the opening of the American beauty contest Mrs. International in Ukraine, the UEFA Final Liege Champion 2018 in Kyiv, and the Supercross de Lyon competition in 2018. Additionally, they were invited to open the show of Jeremy Ferrary's "Duos Impossibles" at the Smile and Song Festival in Brussels in 2019, among many other accomplishments.

A significant highlight of 2019 was when the Asturia Quartet made history as the first Ukrainian band to perform the Champions League anthem during the UEFA final match between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur in Madrid on June 1, 2019.








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