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Discover the Musical Phenomenon of "Phenomenon" Album: A Fusion of Soulful Melodies and Cultural Unity by OTYKEN Group

May 13, 2023 - 14:25
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Experience the title track from the album "Phenomenon" by the OTYKEN group. This song transcends the ordinary meaning of the word "phenomenon" and explores the spiritual manifestation of true light within every individual. It encapsulates the soul's yearning for light, both in moments of joy and sorrow. Through this song, we aim to convey the idea that during life's ups and downs, we seek to support and sometimes find it in ourselves and a higher power.

Finding Light in Dark Times
In difficult situations, the song "Phenomenon" offers solace and encouragement. It empowers listeners to discover their true selves, believes in their own strengths, and navigate challenging circumstances. It reminds us that we can find a way out of adversity, relying on our own resilience and the support of the divine.

The Harmonious Album Experience
The album "Phenomenon" presents a cohesive musical journey, where each track harmoniously blends with the next. The album's immersive atmosphere, unified sound, style, and performance create a seamless narrative. Listeners are invited to embark on a continuous, captivating musical story, where the songs seamlessly flow from one to another.

A Fusion of Genres and Cultures
"Phenomenon" represents a unique fusion of modern genres like EDM, Rock, Pop, Techno, and R&B with the rich musical traditions, ethnic instruments, and vocals of Siberia's indigenous peoples. This dynamic blend caters to various experiences, from energetic dancing to introspective meditation, offering a soul-stirring musical experience that leaves a lasting impression.

OTYKEN: A Multinational Collaboration
The OTYKEN group stands out for its multinational collaboration among Siberia's indigenous and small peoples, including Chulyms, Kets, Selkups, Khakases, Dolgans, and Tuvans. Their Folk-Pop music genre represents a powerful connection between the cultural heritage of Siberian indigenous peoples, American natives, the Japanese Ainu, and Turkic communities, fostering unity through music.

"Phenomenon" invites you to embark on a musical journey that explores the depths of the soul and ignites the spirit. It carries a message of self-discovery, resilience, and the power of unity across cultures and generations. Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies, vibrant rhythms, and heartfelt lyrics that define this extraordinary album. Experience the phenomenon of music that transcends boundaries and touches the core of human existence.

Members of the music video OTYKEN – PHENOMENON:

Producer, and songwriter - Andrey Medonos
Sound - Dmitry Kruzhkovsky
Vocal – Azyan
Big Drum (barrel) – Hakaida
Drums - Maya
Vargan (Jew's-harp)  – Tsveta
Throat Singing  – Ach
Igil (Ikili, Morinhur) - Kunсhari
Khomys (string instrument) – Otamay
Bass-Guitar - Aiko
Dance – Sandro








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