OLD Zenler is Shutting Down in 30 days

Zenler, All In One Course Creation, Delivery & Marketing Platform

Feb 15, 2020 - 03:59
Oct 14, 2020 - 04:33
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OLD Zenler is Shutting Down in 30 days
Migrate from Old Zenler to NEW ZENLER.

Zenler platform is one of the famous platforms which users can create a website dedicated to courses including free and paid courses. The website can be linked to a domain name to be an integrated site for the users without the need to pay commissions to the platform.

The Zenler platform is already distinct and over eight years it provided services to users for free and without fees or commissions, but in order to continue, it has announced that it will shut down the old platform and the free services. They give all users a 30-day period to move to the annual paid plans.

The platform features:

  • Ease of designing website pages through drag and drop.
  • The ability to link the site with your own domain name.
  • Uploading an endless number of videos and pictures.
  • Create an infinite number of free or paid courses.
  • Provide a strong archive of images and audio files.
  • Absolutely no commission on sales.
  • Create your website by using your native language.
  • Many More.

The Zener platform is considered one of the distinguished platforms in training course services, and despite the shift to a paid subscriptions system, its prices may be considered cheaper compared to the features and services that it provides, but some users may decide to withdraw from the platform and these users are maybe:

  • Free course providers
  • People who have no experience in dealing with web site setup and design
  • Low-cost course providers

Where this category of users will search for other means to display their courses to escape the subscription costs, which according to the zenler offer as below.

To learn more about the new platform features, services and features, you can visit the website.








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