Octopus mothers are the most sacrificing and the best mothers in the world

Mothers of octopuses are the most sacrificed in the world. Mother sacrifices are not only in humans but in all races.

Jan 9, 2022 - 14:12
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Octopus mothers are the most sacrificing and the best mothers in the world
the best mothers in the world

The best mothers in the world are every mother who sacrifices for her children. Throughout the ages, we have read many stories about the sacrifices of the mother. The sacrifices of the mother are not only in humans but in the animal world too. We have seen many mothers sacrifice to save their children from predators or to provide her food to feed their children. But the best sacrifices come from the sea world, which shows the best mothers in human history are the octopus mothers.

Octopus mothers are the most sacrificing in the world

Octopus mothers are known scientifically to lay tens of thousands of eggs, and some of them have been mentioned to lay 50 thousand eggs, and they lay eggs once in their life. Octopus, which lives for the most part for two years, but most mothers during this period do not eat food and become pale in color and many of them die after two weeks of hatching eggs.

But this sacrifice and this period are no longer the most sacrificed, as a type of octopus known as Graneledone boreopacifica was found.
This species lives in the deep sea in the Monterey Valley off central California. At a depth of 1,397 meters (4,583 feet), scientists discovered that mothers incubate eggs for a period of up to 4 years or more, as it was mentioned in some scientific journals that the incubation period may reach 52 months. Where the mother incubates eggs throughout this period and adheres to the rock without eating any food, and the age of this breed is expected to reach 18 years compared to the age of incubating eggs, and this type of octopus is the oldest ever so far.
Scientists also discovered that the number of eggs ranged from 150 to 165 eggs, which is a very small number compared to other types of octopus. This may be why the mother protects the eggs from other fish to ensure the survival of the offspring.

Most of the mothers also die after hatching the eggs because of the long incubation period without eating any food, and the strange thing is, according to one of the scientific journals, that researchers tried to feed the mother, but she completely refused to eat.
Sacrifice may vary in human life, but the mother remains the most sacrificing, and she is the one who always seeks to preserve her children, and this instinct is not limited to humans only but is present in all types of life on planet Earth. It is this instinct that helps the survival of the offspring and its preservation throughout the ages. There may be discoveries in the coming years, but so far the mother of the octopus is considered the best mother.








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