Ninety-six and half % of the GEM task was concluded

The Grand Egyptian Museum region, guests can walk easily, either on a leg, by golf clunky or by cable car, from the GEM to the pyramids of Giza.

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Ninety-six and half % of the GEM task was concluded
Grand Egyptian Museum

Main-general engineer Atef Moftah showed that 96.5 percent of GEM construction was accomplished, which means that 55,000 objects were transmitted into the museum.

The show windows are fully complete and are being checked for the King Tutankhamun exhibitions. He stated that 90% of objects for the main hall were mounted as well as management systems and monitoring cameras.

In regards to the achievement of the concept of a cable car, Mophtah suggested that the start of the Fayoum Road is actually being studied in able to link the museum.

The cable car is not designed to reach the edge of the pharaohs of Giza Plateau. The cable-cars are anticipated to travel visitors to the Gicea plain from the GEM guesthouse to the lower part of Fayoum highway and to the other edge of the constituency of Al-Masaken, where new opening and departure stations can be found.

It emphasized the purpose of starting the nation's biggest museum in a region of 3,800 acres was a result of the county's eyesight.

The museum's area surrounding covers a large area of 117 square miles of the plain de Giza and the region linking GEM to the Egyptian pyramids, whereby it did stand the Armed Forces gun club.

In connection with the GEM and Fayoum Road, the commander mentioned that via visitor paths the Fayoum Road is being established and connected to the Museum.

Research is also underway to establish a direct connection between Cairo Airport and guesthouses within the museum location among both Fayoum Road and GEM. The study is undertaken.

In the museum region, guests can walk easily, either on a leg, by golf clunky or by cable car, from the GEM to the pyramids of Giza.

Moftah also remarked on the exploration recently held in Saqqara: "I ordered that the Cache Saqqara, together with the Cache Asasif, be incorporated into the curriculum of the museum. The 2 halls of the GEM will be termed the invisible Hall to host the coffins. The 2 halls would be managed to hold. In addition to various halls measured 600 square meters for momentary exhibits and exhibits of both the antiquity and contemporary arts, the GEM has 2 art galleries with a total surface area of 2,500 square meters.

The Grand Museum of Egypt is devoted to ancient Egyptian history and is the biggest museum in the world.

The Egyptian treasured historical identity with cutting-edge preservation labs, educational institutions, momentary convention centers, a museum for kids, a meeting center, restaurants, cafes and stores, and massive garden areas are all available for everybody to truly appreciate.

GEM will mansion from his aristocratic grave over 5000 artifacts, that several never seen in the community before, of its most famous Egyptian king Tutanchamun. The Great Collections feature content from primitive to Roman times while the regions of Kingdom and Influence are at the forefront.

All GEM exhibits with their stories, documents, multimedia literature review in the chapter, and multimedia exhibits will also be interpreted for the guest.

The cherry above the Majestic Egyptian Museum holds the first dangling item to be exhibited at the museum's opening.

Eissa Zidan said originally that the renovation and installation of the world's first dangling obelisk would eventually be accomplished and installed on the organization simultaneously of the museum; the base of the ossuary would be made of King Ramses II projectiles.

Zidan said that the purpose of Major General Atef Moftah's archway architecture is to allow visitors to the GEM from underneath the recognize flask.

The architecture allows visitors to reach the archway foundation and then see the archaeological sites foundation beneath it and cylinders of King Ramesses II could be seen by gazing at the head of the obelisk.

The construction of the obelisk is peculiar, clarified Zidan, where it is hanged on four sections, taking into consideration the weights and movement on its corps. Zidan clarified that it is unique in many ways. The dangling obelisk is the first thing that the tourist receives just outside of the museum's hallway.

GEM Executives for the Conservation and Relocation of Antiquities have stated that the project on the reassembly of the obelisk, involving physical and thermal maintenance, was concluded and that fractures in the obelisk are being reinforced.

He stated that in all the major languages, the name will be " solutions on the pillar and the foundation of the obelisk in every tongue so that in the history, in the current and in the future this style is a blend of the Egyptian intellect.

Another of the huge shows that Egypt and the entire world are waiting for in 2020 is the opening of a Great Egyptian Museum.

About 49,603 items have been transported to the Magnificent Museum of Egypt.

The Monuments of King Ramses II, Segment, and LHC, in addition to the increasing pink-granite images of Ramses VI, were one of the most valuable transmitted objects and a respected set of sculptures expressing the dominion of Egyptian delicate tradition.

The image also shows that a priest sits on the sides of his left foot, a tiny sculpture of the spouse, and a tomb of king Senusert I, was moved into the GEM. He is a figure of king Khafra constructed of Alabaster and a sculpture of priest Kay of colored calcareous stone.

On nineteen October 2019, the Ancient government stated that the Egyptian architectural expedition was finding the greatest cache in El Asasif graveyard. In particular, 30 cases were found in warehouses for defense against robbery that stretch back to the 22nd Pharaonic Dynasty.

The Thirty architectural arcs were moved to the Museum of Greater Egypt.

One meter from the finished floor was concealed in the cache. The very first row contained 18 snacks and the next 12 snacks for men, women, and three girls.

GEM is displaying Tutankhmaum artifacts in one location for the very first time. King Tutankhamen's overall amount of antiques is 5,398. His coffin belongs to the artifacts of King Tut.

The coffin transported is one of Tutanjmaum 's three coffins depicting God Osiris as the golden King. The sarcophagus was found in the tomb of King Tut in 1922. The external garden of Eden is made of gold.