Mont Saint Michel is The most important sights in France

Magic tides and French heritage in one place

Mont Saint Michel is The most important sights in France
Mont Saint Michel

Saint-Michel, a small rocky peninsula in the Normandy region, about one km from the northwest coast of France. The mountain is located on the coast of the English Channel, and its area is about 247 acres (one acre equals 100 hectares).
The Saint Michael mountain, which is considered a castle and a church at the same time, is the third most visited tourist place in France after the Eiffel Tower and the Palace of Versailles. Last year, it received 9 million and 400 thousand tourists.

One of the most important features of the peninsula is that it is the second region in the world after Canada, in which the tidal movement occurs very clearly.
When the sea level rises as a result of the tidal movement, "Mont Saint-Michel" turns into a complete island, and this happens twice daily in periods when the tides are repeated frequently, returning after hours of this and turning into a rocky area above a sandy oasis when the water recedes.
When the islands occur, the seawater recedes to a distance of 15 km from the peninsula and returns to its previous state before the tide occurred.

The oldest area in France is inhabited by its indigenous people, and it is forbidden to sell houses where their homes are inherited through generations. There are no cars, but there are commercial street, restaurants, cafes and some hotels.

The trip may take a long time, up to four hours, but it is definitely worth a visit, and you can view more information via Wikipedia through the attached link.

le mont saint michel - Remember this name well when you visit France