Michael Jackson - Ghosts Full Movie 4K

Watch full Michael Jackson Ghosts full movie, a 40-minute short film

Watch Michael Jackson's Ghosts full movie. Ghosts is a short movie that was produced in 1996, not seen by many around the world. Michael Jackson's Ghosts is a short film starring Michael Jackson, written by Stephen King and Mick Garris, and directed by Stan Winston. It was filmed and first screened in 1996 and released along with select prints of the film Thinner. It was released as promo a year later internationally on LaserDisc, VHS and Video CD. Jackson plays five roles.

Ghosts tell the story of an eccentric man with supernatural powers being forced out of a small town by its judgmental mayor. Jackson performs dance routines set to the songs "2 Bad", "Is It Scary" and "Ghosts", taken from Jackson's albums HIStory (1995) and Blood on the Dance.

Michael Jackson’s Ghosts movie
The film, which was screened out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival in 1997, has been certified by Guinness World Records as the longest music video of all time and it won a Bob Fosse Award for Best Choreography in a Music Video in 1997. The short film “Ghosts” was edited primarily from the dance sequence in the film.

Michael Jackson's Ghosts Plot

The mayor of Normal Valley leads a mob to the mansion of the Maestro, who has been entertaining local children with magic tricks and ghost stories. The children assure the parents the Maestro has done nothing wrong, but the mayor intends to banish him as a "freak".

The maestro challenges the mayor to a "scaring contest": the first to become scared must leave. He performs magic tricks and dance routines with a ghostly horde, then possesses the mayor, forcing him to dance. After the performance, the maestro agrees to leave and crumbles to dust, but returns as an enormous demon. Terrified, the mayor leaps through the window. The families agree that they had fun and allow the maestro to stay.

Michael Jackson's Ghosts Project

The project began production in 1993 under the title Is it Scary? with director Mick Garris, planned for release in conjunction with the family comedy film Addams Family Values. Following contract disputes, the Addams Family connection was dropped. Stan Winston, who was previously in charge of makeup and visual effects, took over as director when Garris left to make the Shining miniseries. According to Garris, Ghosts was "the most expensive music video ever made" at around $15 million dollars, all paid for by Jackson. There was a six week shoot.

Michael Jackson's Ghosts Cast

  • Michael Jackson as Maestro / Mayor / Mayor Ghoul / Superghoul / Skeleton
  • Pat Dade as Pat
  • Amy Smallman as Amy
  • Edwina Moore as Edwina
  • Dante Beze as Dante
  • Seth Smith as Seth
  • Kendall Cunningham as Kendall
  • Loren Randolph as Loren
  • Heather Ehlers as Heather
  • Michael Balderrama, Troy Burgess, Nikki Pantenburg, John "Havic" Gregory, Travis Payne, Michael Gregory, Mia Pitts, Heather Harley, Charlie Schmidt, Paula Harrison, Joie Shettler, Shawnette Heard, Anthony Talauega, Yuko Sumida Holley, Richmond Talauega, Cristan Judd, Lisa Thompson, Richard Kim, Mic Thompson, Dorie Konno, Stacey Walker, Kelly Konno, Michelle Weber, Suzi McDonald, Jason Yribar, and Courtney Miller as Dancers