Mary Ann Bevan is the ugliest woman in the world

The story of Mary Ann Bevan is the ugliest woman in the world

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Mary Ann Bevan is the ugliest woman in the world
The story of Mary Ann Bevan is the ugliest woman in the world

They used to call her the ugliest woman in the world. Mary Ann Bevan was born in 1874. She was a very beautiful young woman who worked as a nurse, married, and had four children.

When she reached 32 years old, she began to show symptoms of the giant disease, enlarged extremities, and her shape features changed completely, which caused her abnormal growth and deformation of facial features. Persistent headache, severe visual impairment, and joint and muscle pain.

After her husband died and with her severe illness, she was obliged to spend on her children. After she accumulated heavy debts on her and because of her illness, she was fired from work, and with her frustration and material need, she participated in the contest (the ugliest woman in the world).

She earned the humiliating prize, to get the prize value, and it was only $ 50. And then they took her to the circus to wrap all the cities in Britain because people were rushing to see her (the ugliest woman in the world).
She was in pain from the inside and her body was full of wounds and acute infections, and the condition of working in the circus was to walk on her feet long distances on her feet so that people would see her and come to the circus, despite the pain of her feet and the joints of her feet, but she was silent for her children, and yet she continued working and carrying People laughed and laughed at her, but she managed to raise, spend, and educate her children.

The children were throwing stones at them, and the cards in the circus because they were frightening, and they called her the frightening monster and she was crying in front of them, and she said to the children in the theatre: I love you, children, you look like my children, but they treated them like an animal or a bear.

She continued this shameful act of her until she died of pain and fell into the circus the crowd applauded her and the public believed that she just acting to get them laughed and but she died in 1933.

One of her sons says after her death:
My mom when she brought bread for us and we were hungry, she crying all night, and she said: I feel that I do not deserve to be a good mother, should I be beautiful until they respect me.

The story ended, and if there were measures of the beauty of humanity, it would be "Mary Ann Bevan" to obtain the title of the most beautiful woman in the world. The external beauty is fleeting, and the beauty of the soul, the beauty of patience, and the beauty of the situation remain.








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