Manage all your WordPress websites from one location

Managing WordPress Websites now become easy

Manage all your WordPress websites from one location
Manage all your WordPress websites from one location

WPCentral provides a single-login centralized dashboard where you can manage tons of your WordPress websites efficiently. Save the hassle to log in all your website’s dashboard separately and manage an infinite number of WordPress websites for free.

Operate the software in real-time from any device

Whenever, wherever you feel the need to check your Websites, you can login to one single panel and monitor all your websites at once.


Add your websites to wpcentral dashboard and you can manage them collectively without logging to them separately.

1-click admin access

The need to remember the credentials for each website is now eliminated. wpcentral logs you into your website's admin panel in just single click.


You can take backups of your websites in just a click or you can even schedule your backups to secure your data. Backups can be restored anytime if you lose your data.


You can get a detailed report of your website's data on one single page.

Plugins/Themes Management

You can manage your plugins or themes together on multiple websites without the need to login them separately.

1-click updates

All the outdated websites can be viewed and updated from wpcentral in just one click.