Make Money From Instagram Directly

Profit from live broadcasts, Instagram Tv, Posts

Make Money From Instagram Directly
Make Money From Instagram Directly

Social media platforms are competing to attract Creators, which has led Facebook to seek to attract more content creators by opening a door to share profits and get money directly from Instagram. Where it was known that the content makers were getting profits by promoting the products of companies through their account or through commission marketing programs for the products and publishing the links in the publications.

Instagram TV

Soon, Instagram users will get profits directly from the ads that will be published on Instagram TV, where videos are allowed to be published large videos, and the content maker will get 55% of the value of the ads that will be published through his videos. Thus, Instagram will enter into a direct challenge with the YouTube platform, which is considered one of the largest video platforms, and through which content makers will earn more profits whenever they have more followers and views.

Profit from live broadcasts

Facebook was not satisfied with granting content makers profits on videos only, but during the live broadcast ads will appear through which the broadcast maker gets 100% full profits, and this step will push many who use direct broadcasts to broadcast on Instagram because the profit rate will be much higher

Profit from direct gifts

Creators of Instagram will get a great advantage, where users can send them points or financial gifts ranging from 99 cents to 4 dollars and 99 cents, which means that users may receive funds directly from followers.

A strong start from Facebook, we expect to release it during this year, and certainly, the competition will be strong among other social networks, such as Tiktok, Snapchat and YouTube, but the great thing about it is that the Creators will be benefiting from this competition.

what are you expecting? Will Facebook succeed in competing with YouTube? And what platform will you prefer in the future?