Make money with YouTube and Kenzly Live

Using YouTube and Kenzly Live is your gateway to excellence, difference and profit

Mar 17, 2020 - 15:05
Oct 14, 2020 - 04:32
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Make money with YouTube and Kenzly Live
Make money with YouTube and Kenzly Live

Kenzly Live platform is a platform for sharing videos, such as the YouTube platform, and it certainly is not a competition as some believe, but rather offers other services through which users can earn money and profits, and in order to achieve this better, you should use those two platforms together. Create an account on Kenzly Live is free, like YouTube.

Learn about the profit method from both websites

Kenzly Live provides a great service for users, where you can create a free channel, and you can sell videos on this channel. You can also create a channel with a monthly paid subscription. Certainly, these services are not available on YouTube. So, the profit method has become clear to you on the Kenzly Live platform.

YouTube platform helps you to profit from the ads that appear on your videos by getting a percentage of advertisers on the platform, which is well known to all YouTube content creators.

 How do I earn from using both?

On YouTube earn profits automatically from viewing videos ads, but you can increase your percentage of profits by creating a channel on Kenzly Live and promoting it on YouTube, and you will definitely promote paid content or your own subscription channel.

Examples of promotion

  • Create a special video in which you explain distinctive things. Put the video on Kenzly Live for a sum of money "five dollars or any price". Then on YouTube, you announce in a video that you have made a very special video, and whoever wants to support you should buy the video on your channel on Kenzly Live. Put the video link in the description on Youtube.
  • You can ask your followers to watch your videos without ads on Kenzly Live in exchange for a simple symbolic subscription per month, maybe five dollars, and tell your followers on youtube that this subscription will be support for you to provide more in the future.
  • You can make a video on YouTube asking your followers if they like the content to give you support and donate by buying a video of thanks on Kenzly Live.
    You make a video in which everyone thanks for paying or donating to you on the Kenzly Live platform, you can do more than one video
    A thank you video for 5, 10, 20, or whatever amount you like.

Summary: It is the use of YouTube to promote and publicize the sale of private or feature videos on Kenzly Live. Thus profits will be gained from both platforms








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