Loyalty Platform

Allow your customers to earn points and redeem it

Loyalty Platform
Loyalty Platform

Kenzly Loyalty Platform

Loyalty programs for your customers. Selling to existing customers is a lot cheaper than acquiring new ones.

Add-on websites

High-end loyalty pages with registration.
Easily set up a loyalty page where customers can sign up and earn points. Suitable for every business.

  • No technical knowledge or third parties required.
  • No Domain Name required.
  • No Web Hosting required.

System Plan

A business is an entity to which you can link staff members and loyalty campaigns.

Fill in as many details as relevant for your business. These details will be used for the loyalty campaign website.


Detailed insights

Gain insight into what your customers want.

Your Dashboard will show all the stats with a comprehensive analysis of campaigns, staff and customers.

Manage Customers

When people sign up for loyalty campaigns, they will appear in the customer list.

Edit customer

When editing a customer, it is possible to uncheck the Active field. Customers who are not active cannot log in on the campaign website.

Export customers

In the right corner, there is a menu with the option to download the customers in an Excel document.


Staff members

Staff members are linked to a business. They have access to the staff application and can give customers loyalty points and redeem rewards. They can do this for the loyalty campaigns that are linked to the business(es) to which they are linked.


Segments allow you to gain insight into the behaviour of your customers. When a customer claims loyalty points or redeems a reward, a staff member can select one or more segments. This can be any label relevant to your business.

For example, you can have segments such as "Vegetarian", "Male" or "Female", or a location. The use of segments is optional, and segments are not visible to customers.


A campaign is a website where customers can sign up to earn loyalty points and exchange points for rewards.

Each campaign has a separate registration system from the other, where the client registers for each campaign separately. If you want one registration system then you create one campaign and update it with all new offers.

Customers can use their earned loyalty points to redeem a reward. A reward can be linked to one or more campaigns.

You can run the campaign on a URL you get from us, and you can launch it on any domain or subdomain you own. 

For example, a subdomain like loyalty.mybusiness.com, or a top-level domain like mybusinessextras.com.

Earn points

  • Earn points by scanning a QR code
  • Earn points by giving the customer a code
  • Earn points by having a staff member enter a code on the customer's device
  • Earn points using the customer number

Redeem points for a reward

  • Redeem a reward by scanning a QR code
  • Redeem a reward by having a staff member enter a code on the customer's device
  • Redeem a reward using the customer number


High-end loyalty pages with registration.

You can sign up now and start with a 7-day trial. After this period they will be deleted if you do not purchase a subscription.