Kristi Roosmaa - Never Forget Who You Are

The official music video for ‘Never Forget Who You Are’ from Singing Revolution: The Musical featuring Kristi Roosmaa. Tallinn Song Festival Grounds

Oct 25, 2020 - 13:05
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Singing Revolution is a contemporary musical with a Europop score. It’s the story of Taavi Tamm, the leader of a resistance movement, who falls in love with the daughter of his enemy. Inspired by the real history of the Estonian revolution against the Soviet Union, our hero leads his fellow countrymen to freedom through the power of song. 'Singing Revolution' parallels our current times and a reminder that the power of peaceful resistance can change the world.
Musical by Tony Spinosa & James Bearhart
Song: Never Forget Who You Are (from Singing Revolution: The Musical)
Artist: Kristi Roosmaa
Video Direction & Production: Vivian Säde
Music Arrangement & Orchestration: Harrison M Beck
Music Recording & Production: Mirrortone Studios

We hope this beautiful song echo to every corner of the world and reminds us of the values in life - home, love, and faith.
If you enjoyed it, please share! Our team’s goal is to showcase the power of peaceful resistance and remind everyone to always embrace who you are.








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