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Oct 9, 2020 - 07:38
Oct 9, 2020 - 13:37
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The Content Creators Rewards Program in Kenzly Magazine aims to provide opportunities for bloggers and audiovisual content makers "Videos - Podcasts" to have a fair opportunity to obtain financial profits that help them develop their businesses. The program also aims to develop content on the Internet in various fields, as the site includes many and varied classifications, and the classifications are increased periodically and continuously without conditions or complications. 

Profit from the video has become the most common on the Internet, and this type of business may not be suitable for some content providers, and this is why we seek to create fair opportunities that help bloggers make profits by writing various articles and profits are calculated based on viewing the article and at the same time video makers and podcast providers have an opportunity to profit. From the program, you can create video posts or audio files or create their own podcast on the magazine.

What distinguishes the program also is that you can integrate your videos on YouTube or from other platforms and publish them inside the magazine, which means increasing viewership rates and subscribers and getting profits from the magazine and YouTube through the same content, and this shows that you do not need to create new or special content for the magazine as well. You can watch some of the videos on the homepage of the site.

Features of the content makers program

Diversity of primary and sub-classifications, which meets the opening of a greater door to meet the desires of subscribers and readers. You can also request the creation of a main or sub-classification by contacting us
Ease of publishing topics, and you can choose the article type "Text Article - Audio Article - Video Article - Photo Album".
Hashtag system with which you can distinguish your articles by using a unique hashtag that refers to you or your company.
It is easy to save articles to your favourite Reading List, and users can return to your posts at any time.
Registration is free and the system is multilingual, and other new languages ​​are being added, such as French and Spanish
Easy to follow companies and publishers.
View all articles for each publisher easily by visiting their profile page.
Ease of commenting on topics and sending questions and inquiries to publishers.
Easy access to social media pages for publishers via their profile page.
Easily fetch news for every publisher using RSS technology.
Add articles to your favourite "reading list".
The ability to publish a topic easily, provided that it complies with the site's policy.
Easily add your profile picture to your account.
Your topics can be scheduled to avoid inconveniencing the reader.
You can choose some topics for registered users only.

How to increase your profits in Kenzly magazine

There may be many ways and means that will be explained in detail about how to increase your monthly profits on Kenzali magazine through direct profits on the site or by dealing with other platforms and means that help you increase the percentage of views of articles. We also like to note that we support publishers with some advertising campaigns Via social media for free. For more information, be sure to follow us frequently.

Profit calculation method

Profits are calculated by pageviews, equivalent to $ 1 per 1000 views, for more clarity

First week

10 articles were published with an average article view rate of 500 times per month, which means 5000 views

The second, third and fourth week

Using the same rate, which means you published 30 articles - 500 views per article with an average view rate of 15,000 views per month

The expected monthly return of 40 articles with a total view of 20 thousand views, the monthly return for this period is 20 dollars

The second month of earnings

Calculate the first month + the second month, the return is $ 40 and so on

We have set an average of only 500 views per article, knowing that it is a simple number. Some articles and topics can achieve 30,000 views per month

If the calculation was returned at a rate of 1000 article views, at a rate of 40 thousand per month, which means a profit of 40 dollars in the first month, and a doubling of the profits in the second month, and so on.

To get important information to help you gain profits, be sure to follow the magazine in the coming period

Profits disbursement methods

Profits are disbursed directly to your Paypal account - the minimum withdrawal amount is 10 dollars. Once you reach this amount, you can request to withdraw the profit
Bank transfer is available for most countries of the world - the minimum withdrawal amount is $ 100
Transfer via Westrenone is available to most countries - the minimum withdrawal amount is $ 100
Vodafone Cash is currently only available in Egypt - the minimum withdrawal amount is $ 10.

Subscribe to the program

All you have to do is register on the site and activate the account via the e-mail that you have registered with and submit your first article. Articles will be reviewed and your account will be activated in the earnings program and can be accessed by clicking here

Registration in the program

Registration is now open, and we must note that registration in the rewards program will not always be open, and appointments will be announced on our website. If there is any inquiry, please contact us.

Free Course

We organize a free course which help you to manage your account and how get more page view and good profit. Click here








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