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Kenzly - Home of Business
Kenzly - Home of Business

Welcome to our website, which aims to provide an adequate explanation of the services and products that the company provides. We seek to provide many and varied services to individuals and companies, as well as support startups through the services and products available on the Kenzly platforms.

The Kenzly Company was established in September 2018 in Estonia, and during the whole year, the services were developed and modified to reach distinguished services and at reasonable prices serving both individuals and companies. 
Kenzly offers several platforms, and each platform is concerned with specific services, and it must be noted that all platforms are independent, so users must be registered on each platform separately.

The currently available platforms are as follows:

  • Free Business Classified platform
  • Social Media platform
  • Kenzly Business Magazine
  • Loyalty platform "Points and Rewards"
  • Scan Me Service "for mobile pages and cards"
  • Client Service platform
  • Support Platform
  • Services Store

We are currently seeking to develop these platforms exclusively to ensure the quality of the service provided and the satisfaction of customers and users. The actual operation of each platform will be announced here on our website, so please follow the site and subscribe to the newsletter on the main page of the site or at the bottom of the page here.

It should also be noted that there are many other services that a team is working on to provide the largest number of services needed by individuals and companies. If you have suggestions or an idea, please visit the Support Center or Client Service Center and submit it there.