I have nothing to sale How can you start?!

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Aug 11, 2020 - 02:04
Oct 14, 2020 - 04:14
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I have nothing to sale How can you start?!
I have nothing to sale How can you start?!

Someone sent us a message "I have nothing to sale". 

Before the social media age, there was a famous job called the salesman. This man has to knocks doors and visits people in the home or working area to show them what he has. some people listen to him, other close doors and some running when seeing a salesman. If you working hard you reach  20 to 30 clients per day. sometimes your day finishes without sale anything. 

Now in social media age and power of the internet, you can reach thousands of people from your home.

How can you start?!

First of all, I will not be talking about the affiliate system. I am going to be more simple. So let's begin

1- Ask your self what do you love and can work in it. Clothes, mobile phones, cars, furniture, watches and so on. 

2- Looking for stores that sell what you select from above. You can use the internet, going to shopping centres, visit a shop ..etc. 

3- Select products you guess people will like it or they need it. May select products have offers it will be much better.

4- Make a database "word file - mobile notes - using white paper - excel file" 

5- Add your commission or your price. or can connect the owner to give you a commission on sales.

6- shipping - it's very important to know how it cost? sometimes, shipping cost too much than the product price. so if you ship products select your area and cheapest methods. may the store will ship products so that will better.

Now you have something to sell

True Story

Someone followed steps and add some products from stores near him. He selected Products very well. People started to order from him in the same area that stores found. 

The difference in stores there are a lot of products may people can not note all. But you give them a focus on their needs and you show them good offers.

Will be continued....

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