How to Prevent Emails from Landing in Spam Folder

Newsletter going to the spam folder, which causes it not to be seen by most subscribers. learn some tips you to prevent emails from winding up in spam.

How to Prevent Emails from Landing in Spam Folder
How to Prevent Emails from Landing in Spam Folder

The newsletter of the sites is one of the successful communication between the site and the followers to see the latest news and offers. The newsletter is one of the most successful ways to promote the website, including services, news or products as you are already communicating with people who like your site and are keen to follow your latest news or products.
The newsletter also has the advantage of being free and effective too. but many website owners may face the problem that website messages or newsletter going to the spam folder, which causes it not to be seen by most subscribers.
Initially, we should know that the process of receiving and distributing messages to the inbox or spam messages is done automatically via email algorithms in Google, Microsoft, Yahoo or other companies, but most of these algorithms agree on several points and these points help us to reach solutions for sure.

Prevent Emails from Landing in Spam Folder

  • Use random mailing lists

The use of random mailing lists that add people to these lists or that are purchased may be a major reason for sending messages to the spam box, especially if individuals report the message as spam, so do not use random mailing lists at all.

  • Frequent sending of messages

Sometimes the owners of the sites depend on sending many messages via the newsletter to bring visitors to the site, but with the frequent sending and not opening of messages by subscribers, you find after the period of turning the messages into the spam folder, so I make sure that the messages are like a regular newsletter once a week, two weeks, per month or when needed Necessary.

  • The message does not contain an unsubscribe link

If the newsletter messages do not contain a link to unsubscribe from the newsletter, these messages are coded as compulsory and annoying messages to subscribers, so be sure to place the unsubscribe link in the newsletter and most good newsletter scripts has a link to unsubscribe and in the absence of Link Add this link to the newsletter and it can be directed to the contact us page or a page dedicated to receiving cancellation requests.

  • The message does not include a physical address

It is always preferable that the letters contain the company address and especially the zip code of the region. This gives credence to the messages as they are issued by an official company and can add the city and country address and the postal number assigned to the city.

  • Send messages with an unofficial mail address

Make sure to send messages from a mail address associated with your site and that the links attached to the messages refer to the same website from which the messages are sent.

  • Sending messages to two incorrect mail addresses

You must activate the subscription confirmation in your newsletter, ensuring that all your subscribers have valid mail addresses, in the event that many messages are sent to incorrect addresses that affect the sender's credibility.

  • Wrong use of pictures in newsletters

A lot of spam messages use a large image or large images and simple texts in order to attract attention, but this leads to the complete opposite. Make sure that the image is small and limited and that the message contains sufficient text and not small and simple sentences.

  • Capital letters are highly used

If you are sending the newsletter in English or other languages, be careful not to use capital letters as much in the text as it is considered a kind of inconvenience and definitely leads to spam.

  • The absence of a plain text copy of the message

Most newsletters rely on sending messages using HTML templates, but there must be a text version of the messages, this helps more to reach all users and to the inbox.

  • Designing text messages using HTML

Make sure that the code is simple and easy, and does not contain hidden codes. The best size for newsletter pages is 600 * 600, as this is the most effective measure used by international mailing companies.

  • The IP address of the site or the server

The reason may be completely unexpected is the IP address of your site or server already registered as spam and thus all messages are sent to the spam folder.

  • Use programs from your device

Some website owners may use the software on computers to send messages to mailing lists. This is completely ineffective. Messages must be sent through the website.

These are some important points that will help you in sending messages to the Inbox instead of the spam folder.