Free Course - Content Creators Reward Program

Kenzly Magazine - Content Creators Reward Program Explain the program and methods of obtaining profits in detail

Oct 9, 2020 - 13:47
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Free Course - Content Creators Reward Program

In this Course, we review the method of dealing with the rewards program in the Kenzly magazine for publishers and how to achieve profits from it in detail, as the explanation guarantees how to achieve profits through the program and through other channels that can be used in the magazine.

The course is open and everything that is new will be included in it, as well as presenting the most important developments, as well as common questions related to the program.

This course is considered a comprehensive guide to managing your account on the Kenzly magazine to obtain satisfactory results and real profits through the rewards program. Also, all inquiries related to the program will be answered through the course.

The course covers all steps in detail, from beginning to professionalism, and the course is free.

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