Facebook Pages Slogan is Pay to Reach

brand's Facebook page posts only reach around 0.1% of their fans and followers.

Mar 12, 2020 - 15:49
Mar 12, 2020 - 17:26
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Facebook Pages Slogan is Pay to Reach
Facebook Pages Slogan is Pay to Reach

Startups and big companies are always trying to build Facebook pages to reach out to their followers and marketing their products and services. Some may think that this is the magic door that will bring in money. It may be like this, but not with most businesses. I believe that the big companies and companies understood the game well, but they did not publicly declare this.

This scenario is a quick and brief scenario that occurs with every Facebook page owner

Me: I have successfully set up the company. It is time to attract clients. What should I do?
Search Engines - Marketers: Create a Facebook page and promote your products
Me: Wonderful
The topic is very simple and the page was worked successfully
Days pass and no one passes
Me:  Hello World, I am here. Can anyone hear me or see me?
what can I do?
Experts Opinion: You should Prompt your page to attract followers first through Facebook ads
Me: Great, I'll try it out first by myself
it's great and easy. I got 10,000 followers ads
That is enough now
let's publish posts and tell people what we do
Me: What happens
post reach is 19 persons, other Post 17, and other Post 9
Why did the posts not reach to my page followers? I have 10 thousand followers
Me: Hello, Facebook technical support?
Facebook: Yes, please
Me: I paid a lot to get 10,000 followers
Facebook: Cool sir, what's the problem?
Me: When I post a post, it reaches less than %1 of my followers and sometimes it only reaches 5 persons or 10
Facebook: Sure, this is happening
It Facebook algorithms determine the preference of the user
And you can make ads to promote
Me: Thank you Facebook
Me: I start making ads that will Target my Followers
Post product in a post - Make an announcement
The result - this post has reached 5,000 followers
Algorithms work with payment only - hahaha
Me: Hello Facebook
Facebook: Yes, sir
I paid first to get followers
Facebook:  Yes
Me: Now my post reaches them if I did an ad and paid only and without ads, there is no post reach to the followers
Facebook: Yes, it is the search algorithms, but the page will activate and the interaction will increase gradually
Me: Thank you very much
Days and weeks pass
I'm still here, can anyone see me or hear me?
What a solution I search on Google - Marketing Companies
Wow, let's try the service, something can be wrong
It was agreed with the company, and the campaign started and the results improved a lot and it was amazing
Ad campaigns are enough now
What happens? We have gone back to the stage of silence again. I am here. Can anyone hear me? Can anyone see me?
Reach is the same
Let us see the other pages
Pages of major brands such as Coca-Cola, Starbucks and Kentucky, the same thing happened here,  posts get hundreds of likes and comments. so reach to posts less than %1 " they have millions of followers"
The strange thing about this topic is the lack of interest of most big companies now on the subject of followers because they discovered the truth of this bubble, which was inflated in order to bring money to Facebook and marketing companies spread over the Internet in various countries of the world
I do not underestimate the results of Facebook, but the results may be great, but you must continue to pay for ads, and this is a major drain on the financial budget.
At least Facebook and its algorithms should respect that I have paid money to get these followers and I have the right to be in communication between me and them or at least 75% of them, but unfortunately, this does not happen and you must pay to reach

Some people may think that this article is a promotion of our platform for social communication, but the fact is that we are talking about reality and a huge trap for most companies. We said the true and every owner of the Facebook page he knows that. 
See every post on your page and compare the reach rate with the number of your followers and write it in the comment in order to avoid questioning the topic.
This reason is really what push us to search for a solution and work platform that may have limited capabilities, but fair and does not exhaust business owners and give page owners the right to reach their followers.
You are free to choose what suits you.
If you have another opinion please write it in comment with the URL of your Facebook page








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