Entrepreneurship Basic - Free Udemy Course

Have absolute clarity about your Sales and Marketing Plans. Learn Entrepreneurship Basic about Sales and Marketing strategies and tactics. Free udemy startups course

Jan 26, 2020 - 05:42
Nov 12, 2020 - 05:07
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Entrepreneurship Basic - Free Udemy Course
Entrepreneurship Basic Course

Have absolute clarity about Marketing | Customer Experience | Brand | Sales

What you'll learn

  • Many ideas on how to create a successful marketing campaign.
  • Marketing Strategies on how to generate new leads and customers.

  • Proven strategies on how to get customers to come back frequently.

  • Ways to improve the customer experience

  • 6 Steps to convert a potential lead into a customer (Sales Process)
  • Bonus: The Business Mindset & Business Model Validation


  • A strong desire and passion to begin a business.
  • A belief that you can achieve greatest as an entrepreneur
  • Have high self-esteem, confident and want to make a different


This is a simple, quick start short course for people who like to learn more about:

  • Easy strategies to generate more customer
  • Quick strategies to improve business revenue
  • Create a great customer experience to get the customer to return often
  • The money FREE ways to do build your BRAND
  • 6 Steps Sales Process which you bring you instant results
  • Bonus: Have Absolute Clarity and Validity about your Business Mindset and Business Model

Who this Entrepreneurship Basic course is for:

  • Startup Entrepreneur who is going to venture in a retails business or start an online business selling products.
  • The business owner who like to understand more about Sales and Marketing strategies and tactics
  • Marketers who are looking for great ideas








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