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Jun 25, 2020 - 17:29
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Egyptians Right to the Water of the Nile. Support Egyptians and sign this Petition in
We the People of Egypt call on the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to respect the applicable rules of international law and not to undertake unilateral measures in regard to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) that could harm Egyptian riparian rights and interests is a testament to the extent to which Ethiopia unilaterally considers its interests not only as superseding but also superior to, the collective interests of the sovereign country of Egypt.

We request that you abide by the 2015 Agreement on Declaration of Principles (DoP) and not to anoint yourself as the unchallenged and sole beneficiary over the Nile. This is especially apparent in your insistence on filling the GERD unilaterally in July 2020 without reaching an agreement with downstream states, and while holding negotiations on the GERD Hostage to domestic political considerations.

We call on you to affirm your commitment not to commence the filling of the GERD without an agreement and to accept the agreement prepared by neutral mediators. We also ask you to take into consideration the common values, cultural ties, and bonds of kinship between the Egyptian people and Ethiopian people.

A balanced win-win solution is at hand and the opportunity to chart a new course and redraw the history of the Blue Nile is within our grasp and should be seized for the benefit of over 215 million Egyptians and Ethiopians.

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