Dubai Statrtup Hub turn your idea into a tangible reality

Accelerate the growth of your already existing business

If you are a looking to transform your startup ideas into viable business opportunities, then joining the Dubai Startup Hub is your next big step. Dubai Startup Hub provides you with a strong foundation to grow and establish your business, along with the support you need to take your startup to the next level.

Startup Benefits

  • Validate your solution with potential customers and get market insights.
  • Get insights and practice skills of business meetings and building long term relationships.
  • Access corporates clients and accelerate market penetration.
  • Sign contracts and generate revenue.
  • MarketAccess Alumni Track Program.


  • Can I submit more than one application?
    Yes, you can apply for more than one application but each needs to be customized to the opportunity/corporate
  • When will I know if I got selected?
    Two weeks after closing the application
  • What would my startup benefit by applying to MarketAccess Program?
    Opportunities to grow your business by meeting with leading corporates and discuss potential business deals, POC, joint ventures, others…
  • Do I need to be physically present for the meeting?
    We always advise you to be physically present, but we do provide video conferencing tools
  • Would I receive training to prepare me for the corporate meeting?
    We will be providing guidance and feedback to help you improve your presentation prior to the meeting
  • How long would it take to sign a deal?
    It depends on your business skills and how fast negotiations would progress between your startup and the corporate.
  • Would I get any support after the corporate meeting?
    We will be connecting with you to get feedback on your progress.

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