Congo eats the French Ambassador

The French ambassador was slaughtered and cooked

Oct 25, 2020 - 12:17
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Congo eats the French Ambassador
Congo eats the French Ambassador

After the independence of the Congo from Belgium, France sent an ambassador to Kinshasa - the capital of the Congo. After he was appointed, and on one of the official holidays, the French ambassador went out for a walk, and among the beautiful forests of the Congo he saw afar a crowd so, he thought they gathered to receive him. The truth is that this gathering was the title of cannibals!!
He was arrested, he was slaughtered and cooked, then a number of tribesmen gathered on him and ate him!
France protested this horrific event, "eating its ambassador", and sent a strong protest and demanded hundreds of millions in compensation for the victim's family, so the President of the Congo met with his government and consulted with them about the state's ability to pay the amount of compensation?
However, the Minister of Finance was: The state treasury does not have this amount.
The meeting ended, and the Congo State sent a direct message to France:
We are so sorry, we can't pay. The state treasury does not have this amount. You can eat our ambassador instead. thank you.








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