Common Google AdSense Crawler Problems and How to Fix It

Find out Common Google AdSense Crawler Problems and How to Fix It. When crawler stops working for some reason, ads are stopped directly

Nov 10, 2020 - 05:11
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Common Google AdSense Crawler Problems and How to Fix It
Common Google AdSense Crawler Problems and How to Fix It

Google Adsense is one of the sources of financing for website owners by sharing Google ads on the site and getting a percentage of Google's profits in exchange for clicking on the ads. But we find that the ads have stopped appearing on the site, and this may be due to several reasons, but the most common reason is that the crawler of Google Adsense ads has stopped working, which caused the ads to be prevented from appearing and thus profits stopped.

How does the Google Adsense crawler work

The Google AdSense crawler is the one who analyzes what is published on the site and based on it, ads are determined according to the content, which helps the site’s visitors to discover ads related to the content, as well as opportunities for advertisers to get new users, and thus the benefit will spread to everyone as the site owner gets opportunities to reap Profits and the advertiser gets new customers and visitors.

In the event that the crawler stops working for some reason, ads are stopped directly from Google, in the interest of advertisers. As your website is not clear to Google in terms of content, and therefore it will not be able to display ads on obscure pages.

The Most Common Google Adsense Crawler Problems and How to fix it

1- Posting new content

When new content is published on the site and it is not detected by Google's crawler, therefore, ads will not be displayed on it. Where ads are displayed on pages that have been processed and archived by Google.

The solution to the problem: is to give Google some time to discover the new content and the ads will work properly.

2- The page does not exist, error 404

This error appears when you delete some pages from your site, so the Google crawler maybe stop working. To find out the wrong page, you have to go to notifications. You will find a problem noticed in Google’s crawler, error 404. Click on the action option. The wrong page or pages will appear.

Solve the problem: You have to go to the Search Console website, you will find on the menu the removal options, click on it, then choose a new request, paste the error link and make sure that you activate the removal of this URL only, and you must be careful not to cause a problem with the search engine. The request will be sent and the wrong link will be removed from the Google archive, and thus from the ad crawler.

3- Robots file

This is the most common error, as the robot file is considered the guardian that allows search engines and crawlers to enter or prevent them to crawl your site, so you must have good experience in preparing this file so as not to cause errors with search engines or the Google Adsense ad crawler

Solve the problem: Log in to the control panel of your site and you will find the Robots.txt file in the main path of the site with the index or home file. Open this file and delete the following two lines if they are found inside the file

User-agent: Media partners-Google
Disallow: /

4- Content requires a login

There are a lot of websites that require login information to gain premium access to the main content of the website. This usually means that your crawler login isn't set up for this premium content. Therefore, the Google AdSense crawler will not be able to access this page or pages, and Google ads will not be displayed for sure.

Problem Solving: Fortunately this is very simple to fix Go to your Google AdSense login page; Under Access and License in Settings, go to Crawler Access and provide login details for the crawler to use to access your site.

5- Server Overload

This is one of the problems that you are exposed to because of your server, where the pressure on the server is high, which raises the load and causes slow display of pages or gives the famous error "server error 500" to avoid this problem you must contact your hosting company. If you are the server admin, you should review the reasons for the high load in the server and solve it as soon as possible.

You may want to review Google's step-by-step guide to display ads on login-protected pages.

These are most of the problems that users faced with the Google Adsense crawler and ways to solve them. You must make sure that your site does not violate Google’s policy and that your site is ready. You can make sure by choosing sites from the menu. Your site will appear with ready notice in green.

If you have other problems, you can share them in the comments and we will endeavour to explain solutions to them.








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