Are DuckDuckGo will be a Nightmare for Google!

Duck has attracted millions of users looking for respect for their privacy.

Jan 27, 2020 - 15:46
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Are DuckDuckGo will be a Nightmare for Google!
DuckDuckGo vs Google

Is history repeating itself ?! At the beginning of Google as a search engine, there were search engines such as Yahoo and Microsoft, but in a few years, Google became number one in search engines around the world. Initially, Yahoo and Microsoft did not understand how to compete with Google and they relied on their history over many years. But today, maybe we watch the same story but between Google and the duck.

Google has been able through smart programming to achieve better search results, making users gradually move to it and abandon other global engines.
The duck engine was created in 2008 and has a clear vision of respecting the privacy of users. At first, Google did not understand the vision of the duck but I think it should reconsider after these statistics.

26 billion search operations and more than one million dollars donated to the engine supervised by 55 employees. According to statistics published by the duck engine, in 2018 more than 650 million research operations were conducted, but in January 2019 there were 1 billion searches conducted this month. This certainly demonstrates the acceleration of the duck engine growth.

Based on my experience of the duck engine I have got great results and accurate searches. Images and videos search may need to be further developed by comparing Google results in images and videos. But this can be overlooked in exchange for maintaining data privacy. Where it is known that Google and other search engines can archive everything you do online and can see your record on this link:

Respect for privacy is very important and Duck has attracted millions of users looking for respect for their privacy.

History repeats itself. If Google does not know how powerful the duck engine is, I think it will become a nightmare for them in the future.








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