Kenzly Social Media Platform - Build Audience Easily

Build Audience Easily. Online store, funding, points, pages, groups, blogs, and much more.

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Kenzly Social Media Platform - Build Audience Easily
Kenzly Social Media Platform - Build Audience Easily

Kenzly social media platform makes the follow-up system is easier than ever. You can also share updates, stories, videos, audios, files and photos, communicate with followers and create groups and pages easily. An integrated system that helps you build followers easily.

Online Store & Marketplace

Kenzly is a Business social network that helps you build your audience easily. Build your community now. Online store, funding, points, pages, groups, blogs, and much more.

Create your online store and add your products and Services. Show your products in your local currency. You can sell online directly by asking users to send money using any payment method like Paypal, mobile transfer without any commission from our side. also, you can receive money into your wallet "Euro only" too.

You will have a unique URL to share it in your social media accounts. Now you will have a free online store.

Free Blog

Create your Blog now, Sharing your writing around the world. We select the Best Blog Every month may you are the next winner. Greate Chance to win money too. You will have a unique URL to share in your social media accounts. Now you have a Free Website too.

More Features:

  • Follow your friends and family and meet new people.
  • User can choose the post-privacy (Only me, Everyone, people follow you or people you follow).
  • User Last Seen: Displays user’s last seen/online status.
  • Follow your favourite artists, content creators, websites, and companies to get their latest news & offers.
  • Timeline Added ability to see all kind of posts Text, Pictures, Videos, Maps, Feelings, and more.
  • Share photos, videos, audio, files, and locations.
  • Get notifications when followers like and comment on your posts.
  • Market Place, Get the latest products and contact their owners.
  • Displays trending and related topics shared by users.
  • User can save posts to view them later.
  • User can create unlimited groups and invite/add his friends to his joined groups.
  • Users can see promoted members.
  • Events: View and create events from the app.
  • Find Nearby: Find nearby friends using GPS.
  • User Status & Stories: Create and view user status.
  • Articles: Add ability for users to read articles or blogs.
  • Multi-Languages: English, Arabic, Dutch, Spanish....etc.
  • Users can see Verified Profiles/Pages.
  • Share posts to other social media platforms easily.
  • Users can see last promoted pages & Posts.
  • Many More.

Create an Account

You can create Personal, Public Figure and Business account. book your company name now. It's free indeed.

Verified Account

lets people know that your account is authentic and trusted. It's very easy to do that on kenzly and share your account to all social media platform.

Social Account

Make one Profile and linked with your social media accounts. People now can reach you easily. You can Gaine More Followers to other social accounts by sharing youtube videos, Facebook videos, Soundcloud files into kenzly.

Share everything with all social platforms

One Social Platform to write and share everything with all social platforms. Now your social account looks like bloggers websites.

Adding Post options

Only Me "Private Post".

Share with everyone on our platform.

Share with people follow you

Share with people you are following.

Anonymous "Hidden Publisher" 

It's amazing to control sharing. Build your Audience Now and Invite your friends, your clients and your followers.

Blog / Groups / Pages / Events

Create Blog, Events, Group and Pages. it's easier now and Don't Pay. It is your right to reach your followers for free. Your followers never miss a post.

Points System are turned on now!

  • Earn points by commenting on any post
  • Earn points by creating a new post
  • Earn points by reacting on any post
  • Find New friends Now

Let's Build a new community.

you can search by gender, relation, location and distance too

Notification Setting

We can notify you when someone like, share and follow you or see who visit your profile. all for free. Notification Settings has more choices.

Create your account now








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