10 SKILLS That Are HARD to Learn BUT Will Pay Off FOREVER

Don't overvalue your time

This took me a minute to understand what they meant, it was worded kinda strange. Basically it means if you're in a situation where you have to judge an opportunity as being worthy of your time, make sure that your time is actually worth something, to begin with. For example, you have a big test for school coming up and your friends ask you to come and party. To you, your time spent studying has more value than partying with your friends. In this example your time has a higher value than other times. Another example would be, you have a 3 day weekend off to yourself with nothing to do and you are bored. A favourite relative of yours is in town for the weekend and asks to hang out. In this example the value of your time is basically zero since you are not doing anything and time with your relative is more valuable. Overestimating the value of your time is like saying you're not going to hang out with your relative because "you have other things to do" when in reality you're at home bored out of your mind.

For those that want to know the skills, and don’t have time to watch this amazing video : 
1. Speaking up (Public Speaking)
2. Being honest with yourself 
3. Having confidence 
4. Listening 
5. Managing your time 
6. Stop whining
7. Staying present in the moment 
8. Being consistent 
9. Getting enough sleep 
10. Having empathy